Upcycling organic waste products into protein-rich food ingredients

We are developing a scalable bioreactor system for solid-state fermentation. This fermentation platform technology aims to increase circularity within the food and agricultural sector. The result is protein ingredients that match animal-based protein, regarding taste, nutrition, and cost.

Our technology will reduce carbon emissions from the food sector by better utilization of existing resources. This will reduce land-use, and provide price-competitive sustainably produced protein ingredients for the food industry.

About us

Myco4Food is a spin-out company from Aalborg University, founded in 2022 with the aim of bringing our solid-state fermentation technology to market.

Our vision is to provide cost-effective fermentation technology for the upcycling of solid waste products from the food and agricultural industry and to find new sustainable ways to produce the proteins of the future. Our goal is to develop a platform technology that enables us to upcycle a wide range of organic waste products.

Our Team

Myco4Food is on the path to transforming how we utilize organic waste materials – to produce the protein ingredients of the future.