Project consortium around Myco4Food receives 1.2 million euros to bring their mycoprotein ingredient to market.

We are pleased to announce that Myco4Food together with a consortium of participants have received funding from GUDP (Green Development and Demonstration Programme) for our project to develop new protein-rich food ingredients by fermentation of organic residuals. The total grant is 9,1 mill. DkK. and the consortium consist in addition to Myco4Food of The University of Aalborg, The University of Copenhagen, The Technical University of Denmark, Technological Institute, Niras A/S, Planteslagerne Aps. and IFAU Aps. 
In the motivation for the grant, the Board for GUDP mentions that “The project complies with the need for sustainable green proteins, production systems with a low climate footprint and a circular bioeconomy”.
Myco4Food sees this as a big recognition of our work with solutions to obtain a more sustainable food production. Our focus is initially on securing a better usage of brewer’s spent grain from beer production but the goal is to develop a platform technology that can be used for upcycling a wide range of organic residuals from the food industry.

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